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Here you can find some ideas, how the workshopplan could be like. The final workshopplan you can find here in July. 

Draft Workshops on Saturday: view   download

Draft Workshops on Sunday: view   download

Rueda y Ritmo
Rueda y Ritmo will offer a complete new workshop idea: of course we are still the biggest and most important event for Rueda de Casino, but from now on we on top the event for Musicality in Salsa cubana.
Musicality gives us the chance to offer workshops for many different aspect and parts of dancing, to support good dancers to become even more better dancers:

- Basics for several traditional cuban dances
- recognize and understand different types of music and dance better on or in it
- use Breaks of the music in your dance
- Body movement fitting to the music and istruments
- "a tiempo" and "contra tiempo" (e.g. Salsa & Son), understanding and changing within a dance
- instruments & percussion in cuban music
- fusion of several cuban dances with Salsa (recognize and use in dance)
- and and and...
- ...

There is quite an unlimited number of ideas of Musicality workshop topics.

Our plan for 2020 is, to offer Rueda workshops in at least 4 rooms and the plan is to offer in 3 rooms Musicality workshops. And of course there are topics fitting to both main topics, e.g. Rueda-musicality, Rueda choreos.

Quickies and Intensives
But that's not all: workshops should be more responsive to the different topics. So there will be no more 60 minutes workshops. We will offer now "40-minutes-Quickies" and parallel there will be "90-minutes-intensives".

Here are some concrete ideas for Quickies:
- Rueda New Moves (Rueda de la Calle, Rueda 2 parejas...)
- Introductions in easy Rueda concepts (R. cruzado, R. en la linea, R. a fuera)
- Introductions in traditional cuban dances (Changüi, Pilon, Mambo, ChaChaCha...)
- Musicality Basics (Movimientos, Breaks, a tiempo, contra tiempo, lyrics of songs)
- Styling

Intensives could be for example
- complicated Rueda concepts (Espejo, trio caliente....)
- Mixture/Combination of different Rueda structures/concepts
- Rueda Choreos
- Percussion and intensive Musicality topics
- history of cuban music
- Fusion workshops (Salsa con Changüi/Son/Reggaeton/Pilon/Rumba/Afro....)

Please check out, that you comply with the requirements to take part at the different levels. More information you can find in the download area. Please respect the levels. We reserve the rights to ask participants to join a lower level. This is not to punish or anger somebody, but to keep a high quality of the festival workshops.

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