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Here you can find some ideas, how the workshopplan could be like. The final workshopplan you can find here in July. Do you have special whishes or suggestions? Just let us know!

Draft Workshops on Saturday: view   download

Draft Workshops on Sunday: view   download

Please check out, that you comply with the requirements to take part at the different levels. More information you can find in the download area. Please respect the levels. We reserve the rights to ask participants to join a lower level. This is not to punish or anger somebody, but to keep a high quality of the festival workshops.

Additional to the three main topics "Rueda de la calle", "Show Rueda" and "Rueda con Estilo" ,there will be several amazing special topics. Here are some possible ideas:

Rueda de la calle (Rueda in the street):
Short moves, easy to get and to dance in social ruedas in clubs with lot of fun.

Show Rueda:
Larger and more complicated moves. You can use them, if you want to dance shows or if you have a special group.

Rueda con Estilo (Rueda styling:)
Here the focus is not on new figures but to dance known moves with more expression.

Special possible topics:

ChaChaCha Rueda:
Rueda dancing on ChaChaCha music, are provided in being save with the beat of ChaChaCha.

Rueda con Afro:
Rueda with elements of afro-cuban dances. Condition at least is having a basic knowledge of these dances and movements.

Rueda con Rumba:
Rueda with elements of the cuban rumba. Rumba-knowledge is absolutely necessary (not to mix it up with the european ball room rumba!!!).

Rueda en la linea:
A special form of the Rueda, in which the couples do not dance in a circle, but side by side on a line.

Rueda para 2 parejas:
For the early or late evening - Rueda specifically for only two couples.

Rueda para 4 parejas:
Rueda exactly for four couples - there are lots of great special figures in it.

Rueda con Son:
Figures of Rueda with elements of Son (Son is a cuban dance born from the Salsa). Previous experience in Son are not required. It will be danced to Salsa music (on 1)

Rueda con Cubaton:
Rueda with elements of reggaeton and CUBATON - fast and hard.

Rueda para afuera:
Rueda dancing to the outside (not to the middle). For the experienced dancer.

Here you will learn a coherent choreography, developed into a piece of music - exactly suitable and adapted to this song. Useful as a preparation to develop and rehearse a show.

Son Rueda:
Rueda danced on Son music. An essential prerequisite is being save to dance to the Son beat (contra tiempo!).

Figures you can dance both at Rueda and at couplewise Salsa.

Rueda sin palabras:
Rueda only with handsigns, without calling loud.

Rueda con 2 hombres y 1 mujer:
Two men are dancing with one woman.

Rueda con 1 hombre y 2 mujeres:
One man is dancing with two women.
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